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Now There Be Goblins is a game about whacking goblins whilst strategically defending the statue by laying down traps and placing structures. Fight off hordes of goblins in this VR smack and smash tower defence hybrid! Punish the invading goblins by using your mighty chained hammer and your wide arsenal of traps and structures. However be aware, the goblins keep coming back with new surprises. Attempt new strategies, discover badass structures and unlock unique upgrades, to ultimately defeat all the goblins once and for all!


Smack, bash and stomp the goblins with the blacksmith’s mighty hammer and see them flying! Players can charge their hammer to unleash its active ability and cause a world of devastation or grab one of the many dropped weapons to give them a taste of their own medicine. Another option for the player is to find useful items scattered around the map: grab a torch, throw a bottle, or use dynamite to get rid of multiple goblins at once! Every level has unique mechanics and interactables, so use your environment and gain the upper hand.


Explosive cannons, slowing glue, spike traps, huge piercing bolts, and much more are at the players disposal. Place them anywhere you desire and find out which spots wreak the most havoc. Observe, learn and change your strategy to find new ways to take advantage of your structures. Mix, match, and experiment to find hidden synergies. Plan ahead, use the most unique strategies, and come out on top! With over 16 different structure variants to choose from, players will never run out of options!


Now There Be Goblins is compatible with Steam, Oculus, HTC Vive and WMR headsets.

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